How A Great Cartoon Became Three Great Flash Games

Luke isn't the only huge fan of Adventure Time at Kotaku. I love watching the trippy adventures of Finn and sidekick dog Jake. And now, thanks to Cartoon Network, I can play the games.


Sure, none of these are the, perhaps, overly complex game by cartoon creator Pendleton Ward. But they're still pretty great.


One of the flash games is a sort Space Invaders meets Guitar Hero game, not really my cup of tea. The other two, though, are fantastic. Both Righteous Quest and Righteous Quest 2 are basic side-scrollers packed with the surreal stylings that make the cartoon so much fun to witness. You make your way through a series of righteous quests controller the duo. You throw snowballs at bad guys, you use Jakes extra long noodle legs to get to unreachable spots, and his extra big ears to soar over danger. You fight purple-lightning hurling rainbow cubes, you know, the usual video game stuff.

Check them out here and then go watch the cartoons, your inner child will thank you.

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I'm sorry, I'm a huge fan of Adventure Time, but these side-scrollers are absolute junk. They are pretty much the blandest of the bland when it comes to platforming. Jake in particular... his powers are so context sensitive that it's almost offensive.

Seeing articles like these talking about this kind of stuff being 'great'... it's just about enough to make me question whether people have any sense of judgment at all when it comes to the quality of a game.

That said, the second Righteous Quest is at least somewhat significantly better than the first.