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How 3D Actually Works

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3D is, if the television, film and game industries are to be believed, the future. Whether they're right or not is still up for discussion, but just in case they are, you may as well know how it all works.


Here's how the three main types of displaying 3D images in the modern era work. The top one, anaglyph, is what you will have used in the past, and may still use on select novelty products (including games). The middle one is how you will have seen Avatar at the movies, and how most upcoming 3D television sets - and Sony's 3D firmware for the PS3 - will work.

The bottom one, Parallax Barrier 3D, is the future, allowing 3D images to be projected without the need for those stupid glasses.

Illustration for article titled How 3D Actually Works

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Whoever made that image forgot one critical technology, LCD shutter glasses. LCD shutter glasses work by having the display alternate between left and right images while sending out a infrared sync pulse, the shutter glasses use this sync pulse to know if it should dim the left or the right side of the glasses.

This lets each eye only see the image it is meant to see (left eye is clear only when the left image is displayed). As far as I know this will be the standard method do display a 3D image on TVs, at least for the first generation of 3DTV.