How 16 Years Changes A Manga [Update]

[Images via 2ch]
[Images via 2ch]

The Bleach manga has ended. Here, via 2ch, is the first volume compared with the final volume. It’s no surprise that manga evolve over time, but it is a fascinating bookend for Tite Kubo’s Bleach style.


9/28/16 Update: The final volume is a fan rendition of what Volume 74 could look like and not Kubo’s work. We regret the error.

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Well, bleach is one of the manga whose artstyle progress big time as the title progress.

One particular reason being, Kubo Tite seriously focus on the character and scene drawing more than anything else or any other aspect of the manga really. This is a man who could spend 3 pages just to deliver one scene right. Scene, not piece of story or even dialod. He could draw spread pages of Orihime dramatically turning her head.

Not to mention his preferred writers block cures is to draw shitloads of character then introduced them all at once which greatly improve his character drawing skills.


Not title ending occasion but,