Last night's episode of zany Fox medical drama House MD, in which kooky medical maladies are discovered, cured and humorously quipped in 44 minutes, took place in The Future. It was a very special video game-themed sci-fi episode.

Or maybe the writers of House MD just haven't played a video game recently, because the appropriately titled episode "Epic Fail" highlights some startling virtual reality type technology. Something we'd love to play, honestly. Kind of like a Brute Force from the year 2020 but played with VR helmets and Super Scopes. And just a little janky.


By the way, the interesting medical anomaly in this episode involved a video game designer whose hands start to burn and later has hallucinations that he's living in the video game of his own creation. Oh, and that video game designer likes to post his symptoms on the internet, soliciting medical advice from e-friends. That's the most believable part, actually.

Thanks to Myles for the heads up!