Hot Toys' New Ant-Man Figure Comes With A Giant Hawkeye

Though it seems as if Hot Toys is straying a bit from their normally excellent attention to detail and articulation with the Captain America: Civil War Ant-Man figure, they’re really stepped in up in terms of accessories.

I guess when you’re working at such a tiny scale some compromises have to be made. Then again, they did mislabel all of the images in the Facebook gallery of the Ant-Man figure. They even got the text wrong. Weird.


The coolest feature of the Ant-Man figure would have to be the Hawkeye. Featuring a newly-painted headsculpt bear an uncanny resemblance to Jeremy Renner, he’s sporting a new costume (though the quiver seems to be an older model.)

Love the asymmetrical sleeves in the jacket, and the fact that Hawkeye comes with a knife and a pistol, for when he runs out of pointed sticks.


It’s the most elaborate Hawkeye accessory since the one bundled with Pizza Dog.

Hots Toys’ Captain America: Civil War Ant-Man figure comes with everything you see here. It’ll be in Q3 or Q4 of this year.


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