Hot Toys' Age Of Ultron Iron Man Is Totally Metal

What's red, gold and silver all over and seems really upset about his dead baby Ultron? It's Iron Man Mark XLIII, the diecast masterpiece the fine folks at Hot Toys are prepping for preorder prior to next years Avengers: Age of Ultron.

While I prefer my Iron Men two-toned — it's red and gold OR red and silver — there's something incredibly appealing about a sixth scale recreation of the Age of Ultron movie armor largely comprised of diecast metal. My first Hot Toys hero was an Iron Man figure, but he was pretty much all plastic.


Part of the Diecast Movie Masterpiece Series, Iron Man Mark XLIII simulates the look and feel of metal with metal, which seems like the logical (and likely costly) choice. He's got a light-up LED in his chest, an open helmet Tony Stark head with a new paint job and a base containing the shattered remains of Ultron Mark I. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure he walks it off.

Note the distinct lack of strings.


Hot Toys' Age of Ultron Iron Man Mark XLIII figure will soon be up for preorder at a price that will likely make you very sad. Keep an eye on the company's Facebook page for more pics of the figure and preorder information.

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