Horror Manga Hellsing Getting A Live-Action Hollywood Adaptation

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Screenshot: Madman Anime@YouTube

Derek Kolstad, best known for writing the John Wick films, is bringing Hellsing to life for Amazon Studios as a live-action feature.


Created by Kouta Hirano, the Hellsing manga debuted in 1997 and ran until 2008. It was also adapted into a TV anime in 2001 (above is an image from said anime).

“Ever since my brother introduced me to the Hellsing manga and anime some years ago, I’ve been obsessed with adapting it,” Kolstad said, as reported by Deadline.

The project already has a team of producers, but not yet an announced director, cast, or release window.

“I’m truly excited to work with this stellar team together with Amazon to realize a post-modern reinterpretation of the Dracula character that flips him on his head in an inventive and compelling way,” said Jason Lust, one of the producers on the project.

Originally from Texas, Ashcraft has called Osaka home since 2001. He has authored six books, including most recently, The Japanese Sake Bible.


Yeah, is this going to go the tamer, and almost completely different story wise, 13 episode anime route, or the frankly completely batshit insane and likely not/un-filmable Ultimate 10 OVA version?