Hoping for a revamped Wii U? Satoru Iwata told Asahi that rumors of Nintendo announcing a new version of its console at E3 are "groundless." Instead, we can look forward to a new title that shows a new way to use the Wii U's GamePad.



Awesome. Nintendo REALLY needs to do some serious work to show off the potential of the tablet controller.

Honestly, I don't mind that the Wii U has far less horsepower in it compared to the PS4/Xbox One, and bringing it up to par with them would drive the price of it up significantly. If I want super shiny graphics, I'll game on my PC. I want interesting experiences that I can't get on my PC from my consoles nowadays, and the PS4/Xbox One don't seem to provide that potential (as I loathe Kinect's inaccuracy and don't find the light bar on the PS4 to be all that different or interesting as of yet).