Hopeful Smash Bros. Fans See Ridley Everywhere They Turn

Truthfully, I'm not the biggest Metroid fan. Still, all the the hype around the possibility that maybe, just maaaaybe, Ridley will be included as a playable character in the upcoming Smash is starting to infect me, too.


Take this video by EWNetwork, for example, which analyzes the hell out of a shadow we saw in an earlier Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct. I don't think it presents the most compelling evidence necessarily, but it is an intense fifteen minute breakdown of a freakin' shadow. It's hard not to get swept up in all the hope! By the end of the video, I was sincerely wondering whether or not the shadow could actually say something about Ridley's inclusion.

More humorously, we have another video where alpharad. straight up calls Nintendo to ask once and for all about Ridley's inclusion:

Poor Nintendo rep.

Between these videos and all the clamor for Ridley, I'm rooting for the character now, too. Guess we'll know if Ridley is in there soon enough, but for now, all I can say is: Sakurai, pls.



It's not going to happen. Ridley is just too big - even Bowser is pushing it in terms of size, and one of Bowser's chief drawbacks is how heavy he is and how hard it is for him to recover once he's been knocked off the stage. A giant, heavy-hitting monster who can also FLY would be insanely broken unless he has an Akuma-level (read: as robust as wet tissue paper) resistance to damage.

The game's out on Saturday in Japan, and leaks are already starting to come out. People need to make their peace with the fact that Ridley is doomed to always be a boss fight and never a fighter.

If anything, they should be more upset about the characters who were cut instead of hand-wringing about a character who was never plausible in the first place.