Hope You Didn't Buy Prince of Persia Last Week

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Because it just got a rather substantial price drop, just in time for a last minute stocking stuffer. What was $59.99 at launch, just two weeks ago, is now a mere $39.99 at GameStop. Eek!

We'd think that a drop that fast and of that much doesn't bode well for Prince of Persia's sales, but we just work here. And Prince of Persia's not the only game being slashed right before the holidays. Ubisoft's EndWar and Far Cry 2 — the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions — have also been reduced to just $39.99.

Yikes. If this does reflect tepid sales — and not GameStop just throwing away twenty bucks per sale for kicks — we'd hope Ubisoft is one of the publishers reevaluating the timing of some of its 2009 releases.


Farcry 2/Prince of Persia Ps3 (maybe 360?) Price Drop @ GS - $39.99 [CAG]

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((shrug)) I'll get it when its $10. I wasn't all that excited about it anyway. The games that have me excited are still a long way off - Ghostbusters, Brutal Legend, and Crackdown 2 - IF that's a reality. Apart from those, there's not much on the way that's all too exciting.

If Mirror's Edge drops to $40 I might consider it. And to skip to Mirror's Edge for a moment - for a game that's supposedly not doing to well, I've not seen a single used copy of it for sale, and I've been going to GameStop pretty often while XMas shopping.