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Hope Nobody Ever Tries To Wake You Up Like This

Sure, pranks are things jerks often do—but sometimes, things can get genuinely mean. And there's really no other way to describe this supercut of cruel wake up pranks, where people find the most awful ways to get people to rise from their slumber.

Despite how mean the video often is (if not dangerous, and arguably stupid at times), it's funny—even if I winced often. Good compilation, clipnationdotcom.

Ah, another weekend. Do you guys have plans? I'm gonna hunker down and try to finish a couple of books, because my backlog there is starting to rival my games backlog! That, and I'll probably spend plenty of time with Tomb Raider as well as a different game I'm reviewing soon. Fun stuff.


Feel free to talk about jerks, pranks, weekend plans, or just about anything else here in this open thread or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum.

See you next week!

The Ultimate Wake Up PRANK Compilation [clipnationdotcom]

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