Hooray, That Awesome Cyberpunk Game Is Back From The Dead

Once upon a time (read: a couple years ago), a crazy pretty cyberpunk game called 5734L3R—aka Stealer—took our un-cybernetically enhanced simian world by storm. But then, just as quickly as it appeared, it got canceled. The end? Hardly. It lives again, and this time it needs your help.


A glitched out cyberscape painted in warm hues that disguise the stinking rot at its core? Yes please. As a quick reminder, here's what the exploration-focused action-platformer is all about:

It's not a game about gameplay, but about the world you are in. There are no humans and perhaps never was. But some aspects of the world ("anatomy" of certain robots, a kind of "alphabet," architecture, etc) make this possibility very likely. Even though 5734L3R is robot and looks like many other robots, he is a stranger in this world. He came here to steal something very important. 1 M34N 5734L.

  • Interact with the environment to connect to the world.
  • Use stealth to survive.
  • Solve puzzles to get access.
  • Hack the Network and social chips to make robots more friendly.
  • Move up the hierarchy of robots to get admin rights.
  • Use Bugs to fly very far.

Before you ask, no, Stealer isn't on Kickstarter. Rather, its creator is accepting donations in hopes of getting $4000. Currently they're making the game on a purely voluntary basis, so every bit counts. Be wary, however: they explicitly state that "if the project is not fully funded or you don't like how it turns out to be, there are no refunds." Given that this game's development already short-circuited once, it's tough to fully recommend throwing money at it—especially with refunds off the table.

I want to believe in this game, though. I really hope it succeeds despite my skepticism. Maybe one day we'll get to explore the seedy underbelly, the acid-rain-greased guts of the place Stealer's creator is envisioning. Wouldn't that be nice?


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