Hoodie Ninja Face Off In Real World Mortal Kombat

Color-coded hoodies are the new palette-swapped ninja garb.

From Russia’s Mr.TVCow, the effects video maker behind the criticlawlly-acclaimed Assassin’s Kittens Unity, comes the saga of what happens when a friendly round of Mortal Kombat X between friends with suspiciously familiar super powers goes too far.


I chose the GIF above because it depicts my favorite Scorpion move, the annoying-as-fuck teleport. Hanzo Hasashi and I have grown quite close over the past week, thanks in no small part to my imagined mastery of the maneuver. I’m so confident in my not-being-there skills that I played online against a ranked stranger and won. Now I’ll never play online again, preserving my perfect record.

Anyway, here’s the video.

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