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Hong Kong Resident Uses Social Media To Catch iPhone Thief

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Having been the victim of cellphone theft I've dreamed of catching the thief. Unfortunately, when I lost my phone, technology wasn't as impressive as it is today. Over the weekend a Hong Kong resident had his iPhone 5 stolen, but with the help of social media and the Internet, he was able to get his phone back and close the case.

According to People's Daily, Mr. Wan was looking to sell his iPhone 5. Wan posted his sale online and was approached by different buyers. On the afternoon of the 10, Li was set to meet a buyer.

After meeting the buyer, a Mr. Li, the two began talking about the iPhone. Li asked Wan loads of questions about Li's iPhone. During the questioning, Li swapped out Wan's phone with a realistic model. Unaware he had been scammed Wan let Li walk away with the real deal.


Finding out that he had been had, Wan turned to the Internet for help. Wan had taken an image of Li that he uploaded online. He also posted about the way he was scammed, finding more victims to speak out. Eventually Hong Kong netizens found Li's personal information, as well as where he lives.

Wan called the police and Li was apprehended According to netizens and police, Li's parents run a newsstand on the streets of Hong Kong. Li has a brother who graduated university and supposedly is a model citizen. Apparently Li would constantly hassle his parents for money, going so far as to harass them at their newsstand.


Li is now under police custody and Wan has his iPhone back. Perhaps next time Wan would be more careful when selling his phone.

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(Top photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty )

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