Hong Kong Protests Come To Animal Crossing

This is not the best time to protest in the streets, no matter how worthy the cause. In Hong Kong, where citizens have held demonstrations against a now-scrapped extradition bill, the novel coronavirus covid-19 has made things even more difficult.


Hong Kong protestors have been calling for freedom, but taking their protests to the streets is not easy during a pandemicespecially in the wake of a string of authority-issued restrictions to make holding the protests even harder.

Earlier this month, activists did meet outside Prince Edward subway station, but according to Quartz, they were beaten by the police and told to leave “to avoid the spread of the disease in society.”

Some protesters have found a new place to get their message out.


Animal Crossing is a place without political censorship so it is a good place to continue our fight,” activist Joshua Wong, who’s a central figure in the 2014 Umbrella Movement, tells Wired. “Even lawmakers in Hong Kong are playing this game.”


Players can create and share their own customized ideas, which is a way they can get their messages out.

“This is also a way for us to remind people not to forget what happened in the past eight months,” a 20-something student tells Wired. “Not everyone is open to political stuff, Animal Crossing is a good way to promote our mission to those who are politically apathetic.”

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I’m not up to date but if its scrapped what are they protesting against?