Honest Trailer For Heroes Of The Storm Rips The Game To Shreds

“Prepare for Blizzard’s new game...inspired by a mod for one of their old games, that created an entirely new genre of game that got more popular than any of their other games, causing Blizzard to develop a new game ripping off the other games that ripped off their old game.” Ah, the wonders of video game development!

Consistently funny YouTube channel Smosh Games gave Heroes of the Storm the honest trailer treatment in honor of the Blizzard-themed MOBA’s full release this week. The whole thing is pretty great. Except for the part where they make fun of Azmodan’s nipple rings. Leave the lord of hell out of this, Smosh Games! He’s just trying to express himself—and doing a fine job at it, if you ask me.

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That’s not the Honest Trailers voice! Who is this? Actually he wasn’t too bad, just weird to hear someone different do the voices.