Homoerotic Shooting Rebirthed On PSP With Zero Cho Aniki

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According to reports from the latest Famitsu, the Cho Aniki series will be revived on the PSP in early 2009 with Zero Cho Aniki.


Known for its ripped abs, bulging biceps and bethonged stars Adon and Samson, the Cho Aniki games take bizarre to 11, with zombie Elvis ships, fish with ripped arms and sexy giant snowmen. The two bodybuilders have enjoyed many side-scrolling shooting outings together, but Zero Cho Aniki appears to be a remake of one of the PC Engine — Turbografx-16 over here — CD-based titles.

PSP Hyper writes that it's a remake of the very first Cho Aniki, which would make sense given the "zero" in the title, in which the musclemen took a backseat to the more clothed Idaten and Benten. Expect this UMD full of beefcake to stay Japan only.


Classic Shooter Chou Aniki Revived for PSP [PSPHyper via Game|Life]

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@denki: Yeah, but how many times do you see Kratos grow a flower out of the hole in his head? And when have you seen Brett Favre pelvic thrust to activate a laser attack? Well, besides that one time.