Holy Snot! Xbox 360 Tops Home Console Sales In Japan

Click to viewAccording to sales data from Famitsu publisher, the Xbox 360 is the top selling home console in Japan for the sales week September 8th to September 14th. Microsoft announced last month that the console was sold out as demand had surpassed sales, and since then the console has continued to dip in sales. At its pre-TGS press event, Microsoft stated that it was reducing the console's price. On September 11th, the company released the reduced price console again in stores — meaning that the console didn't even have a full week in stock in stores. Here's the sales breakdown from Enterbrain: • Xbox 360: 28,681 units • Wii: 27,057 units • PLAYSTATON 3: 8,050 units The week before, Enterbrain data states that only 843 units were sold. This comes as a surprise as traditionally Microsoft has found it difficult to make in-roads with Japanese video game consumers. 値下げ効果でXbox 360が据え置き型ゲーム機で週間販売台数トップに [Famitsu]


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