Holy Shit, A Destiny Player Soloed Crota's End On Hard

Watch as someone takes on Destiny's toughest challenge, without any teammates. It's incredible, and possibly the most impressive thing a single person has done in Destiny so far.


You might know the YouTube account "The Legend Himself" as the people behind the first ever solo Crota run on normal, so it's only fitting that they would also be the first to beat it on hard. As the name suggests, this is one beast of a player. The run is very precise, in terms of loadout, and in terms of how specific sections are handled. Everything is done with purpose, and it's amazing to watch the game being played at this level.

Here is The Legend Himself, on how the run was accomplished:

This run was insanely difficult. At the moment I don't know if it could be completed with a character anything short of level 32 Sunsinger Warlock with Starfire Protocol, Gjallarhorn, Ice Breaker, Red Death, Black Hammer, and a weapon with surplus. Other perks and items help (high discipline is very helpful, Apotheosis Veil, shoot to loot, Fatebringer, etc.) but they are only marginal advantages. Even with all this gear and the heavy ammo glitch, this run is absolutely insane level difficulty, and anybody who has tried it will certainly be able to attest to that. I doubt many who watch this will fully appreciate the difficulty of this challenge, but I strongly encourage you to try. From my knowledge, the only other character setup that could have the vaguest chance of making this run possible would be a Titan with the Armamentium and max discipline using magnetic grenades (Ghorn MG Ghorn MG on Crota's shield). I don't know if that is possible, but I believe it is the only other potential possibility.

There was much less "luck" in this run than it may seem. First of all, this took dozens of hours to perfect and accomplish. Secondly, most of the seemingly random aspects of the Crota fight can be influenced in some way by careful gameplay. There isn't a single thing I do in the Crota fight that isn't deliberate in some way, and oftentimes the right move had to be made within a matter of seconds. I believe that with perfect gameplay this could be recreated at least once an hour - the fight is relatively consistent, just extremely hard.

Finally, Warlocks suck and I hate them. I had to play on my friend's account (The Arpacan) in order to do this because I don't have any filthy Warlocks on my own tag, and I like it that way. While they are uniquely capable of soloing Heroic Crota as far as I can tell, I do not like anything about their abilities. I genuinely believe they are OP in both PvE and PvP, though much moreso in PvE. Maybe I'll make a video explaining why sometime. At any rate, the video is sc Slayerage playing on someone else's account. I didn't do the first sections on a Warlock because I didn't have to, and I believe they would have been easier by far (again, abyss aside) as a Warlock anyway.

I owe this run to The Arpacan and just to be completely clear, he is awesome. Big thanks to him for letting me borrow his account pretty much any moment I wanted for the past week. He didn't have to do that or trust me with his account, so thanks very much to him.



Holy Shit Someone is Still Playing Destiny.