Holy Pants, This Massive Space Sim Is Looking Good

It looks as though X Rebirth, the impressive space-sim that grabbed a lot of attention a couple years ago, is finally ready to go.


As the new demonstration video below shows, this game is… well, it's incredibly, almost ridiculously ambitious.

Look at it. Just look at it!

Here's a second video from Egosoft about the game's controls:

X Rebirth will be out in November.

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I'm sorry, but X3 was basically a video game, as designed by dentists. They just took such a great idea, and made it boring and clinical.

Hard pass.

I really miss the heyday of Space Sims. Wing Commander, X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter... Freaking freespace 2?

Why did developers of the next century decide to take a great genre, and turn it into a freaking excel spreadsheet?