Holy Crap, This Panasonic In-flight Device Looks Like A PSP

Panasonic has a new system for in-flight entertainment. It's called the eX3 and it's the follow up to Panasonic's previous in-flight system. According to Panasonic, it has HD and even 3D displays, as well as video conferencing for first and business class passengers. It also looks like a PSP.

"Economy passengers will enjoy unprecedented space and comfort that is like nothing they've experienced before," says Panasonic. Which is a polite way of saying that it won't be nearly as good as what first and business get, but way better than the crap they have now. But neither are nearly as good as this.


The eX3 system does claim to offer "high-end" video games. The handheld device used in eX3 sure looks a lot like the PSP. The system runs on Android, so it can probably play a lot more than the Tetris games you see on current in-flight entertainment.

APE [Panasonic Avionics via オレ的ゲーム情報]

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