Holy Crap, Looks Like Suikoden II Is Finally Coming To PSN

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One of the world's best RPGs could finally be playable on modern machines: the ESRB has just rated Suikoden II for PlayStation 3.


ESRB ratings are often the precursor to a re-release on Sony's digital PlayStation Network, where you can buy a number of classic PS1 and PS2 games to be played on PS3, PSP, and Vita. Earlier this month, an ESRB rating for Persona 4 inadvertently revealed that Atlus would be re-releasing that classic PS2 game for PSN.

Suikoden II, released by Konami for the PlayStation back in 1999, is the second in the series and generally considered to be one of the greatest role-playing games ever made. It's all been downhill since then.

Though Konami released the first Suikoden on the PlayStation Network a few years ago, we've never seen Suikoden II, and the game's rarity has led to some insane price spikes on eBay and the like. Playing Suikoden II legally today can be quite the challenge, which is why fans have spent years begging Konami for a re-release. Looks like that day is finally here. Maybe. Hopefully.

We've reached out to Konami to see what's up. More as we hear it.

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