Hollywood To Make Another Doom Movie. It'll Be A Reboot.

Illustration for article titled Hollywood To Make Another emDoom/em Movie. Itll Be A Reboot.

The last Doom movie was released in 2005, which should be enough time for viewers to erase the dreadful picture from their brains.


Universal Pictures is rumored to be moving forward with another Doom flick. According to website What's Playing, the flick is in the early stages of development and is "a reboot - one that entirely skips over the events of the insipid 2005 film". So it doesn't sound like Dwayne Johnson will be returning.

The movie doesn't have a screenwriter or director yet, apparently, but What's Playing says the film will be in 3D. Glad Hollywood has its priorities straight.


Hollywood Insider : Doom you Hollywood [What's Playing via VideoGamer] [Pic]

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Funny enough, Reboot is getting a reboot :O