Hollywood Blockbuster King Ready To Sign Death Note

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The man responsible for Lethal Weapon and The Last Boy Scout is going to bring his Hollywood sensibilities to one of Japan's most popular and darkest manga.


Death Note follows the story of Kira, who acquires a "death note". Writing someone's name in the notebook causes that person to meet an untimely end. The manga is a smash hit in Japan, selling over 20 million copies.

Shane Black, the first Hollywood screenwriter to earn a million bucks for a single script, is going to helm the English-language version of the comic. Black, however, won't be writing the film.

The manga was already turned into a Japanese film back in 2006, and it got a brief U.S. theatrical release. Sequels followed as well as anime and several Nintendo DS games. While the manga got an English release, the DS titles were never localized for Western gamers.

They can look forward to this Hollywood take on Death Note, instead.

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In vanity, I avoided Death Note. I was in high school, and I had always sworn that "my anime" was better than "that anime on Adult Swim," and by extension, the people who watched "that anime on Adult Swim." I regret this, as I have come to understand that Death Note was not just a fad anime, but what will be remembered as a classic anime, and so I am sort of glad to hear someone is willing to make a digestible version of it that won't take two seasons' worth of episodes to get across. It might be a nice way to sample the story and see if I'd like to make the commitment to actually get into the manga / show.

That said, and I know this is entirely off-topic, but did any of you guys hear about the new Berserk movies!? I am so excited I could cut my left arm off with a broken sword!