Hitman Viral Campaign Ends, Points to E3 Reveal

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An alternate-reality game run for Hitman enthusiasts by the developing studio's community manager has evidently come to a close, with a series of barcode-clues seeming to point to the first day of E3 2011. That would likely mean a reveal of a long-awaited Hitman 5 then.

The windup of this particular game of cat and mouse, involving mailings back and forth among members of the Hitman Forum and IO Interactive's community manager, also includes what's said to be the first image from the game [above]. It's impossible to tell if it is or if it isn't, as it's a cap of pre-rendered CGI, but it does show the familiar silencer and glove 47 is known to use. So there you go.

Not that this is at all shocking; we're talking about an extremely popular series and a studio under a publisher that lurrrrrrves them some sequels. Rumblings over the past two or so years have also pointed to the inevitability of a Hitman 5. I guess we can be more certain that we'll be hearing something definitive in June.


The entire mystery, for those who want all the details, can be read up here.

Hitman 5 Viral Marketing Hints at E3 Reveal [NeoGAF]

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Twist ending: Freedom Fighters sequel.