Hitman’s fifth Elusive Target, The Gunrunner, will be available in Marrakesh for 72 hours starting July 1st. You can check Io’s blog for your local start and end times.


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The Janitor

Appreciate you doing these updates man. Found a way to track these on Steam, but it’s nice to get these as well.

I feel like i’m one of 10 people who regular comment on these, but anybody on the fence, get this game! It’s a lot of fun. =)

Now, if I can only not F this one up like I F’d The Prince up. I don’t game the system either, so I treat it like a one shot deal. I won’t exit and restart. It REALLY sucks to have the Elusive Target tile in the front-end plastered with a huge “FAIL” of your last target though.

Motivation I suppose.