Hitman 3 Has Some Weird Easter Eggs, Like A Talking Hippo

Gif: IO Interactive / The Easter Egg Hunter / Kotaku

The Hitman games have always had some weird secrets and Easter eggs. And Hitman 3 continues the tradition, including some truly strange and cool secrets, like a talking hippo, a UFO abduction, and a hidden ending.


Also, SPOILER WARNING. I know a lot of folks don’t care about how certain missions end or the overall narrative of the Hitman games, but if you do care stop reading this and go play the game first then watch this later.

YouTuber The Easter Egg Hunter recently uploaded a video showcasing some of the secrets folks have found since Hitman 3 was released earlier this month. Also, before you even ask, of course, there are some references to that famous “Allan, please add details!” mistake from Hitman: Blood Money.

But if you find the right chair out in the woods on the Berlin map (And bring a golden idol too,) you can also encounter a talking hippo who has some mysterious and vague things to tell Agent 47.

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The Hippo is dropping references to “Naked Lunch”. If you’re not familiar its both a book and an insane movie starring Robocop and directed by David Cronenberg. Here’s a scene to give you idea of what a bad acid trip it is: