Hilarious Pirate Game Can Be Pure Chaos

Blackwake is a multiplayer FPS game all about naval battles. You have a crew, and you have a captain. The question is: can you come together and work as a team?


Really, you just gotta watch this trailer. It’s the best Kickstarter pitch I’ve seen in ages:

So, to recap:

  • You and your crew are in charge of every aspect of a ship, including loading/firing cannons, repairing holes and sails, manning the pumps, and boarding the enemy ship.
  • The captain can give the crew commands and orders, but it’s up to the crew to carry them out.
  • You can name and customize your team’s ship.
  • You can overthrow your captain.
  • You have an “assortment of 18th century firearms” at your disposal, though it looks like you can get creative with what you use as a weapon.
  • The game is match-based, and will feature different types of objective modes including assaults on enemy ships, defending your own ship, capturing the treasure, and more.
  • The weather and landscape system is robust, allowing you to experience everything from storms, to ice bergs and sandbars—which will affect your game.
  • There will be hats.

Right now the project aims to raise $7,305 so it can release on PC and Mac, and it’s already pretty close to that goal. Alternatively, you can watch uncut gameplay footage of the alpha here, courtesy of ngotie—it looks sweet! Do note that these players seem to know what they’re doing, too, which means these matches are more intense than they are hilarious.


Kuili J8i9

I was just complaining not too long ago that we need more proper pirate games. We basically have none worth mention outside of three. I wasn’t too keen on this type till I saw the trailer, I prefer more 3rd person ship battle focus. It’ll work. It damn well better, at least.

It looks pretty awesome. The only thing I HATE about these games, all multiplayer focused games, is that they live and die by the community and every community sucks by default. You ALWAYS have to find the niche in it to have fun. I’d much rather just have a campaign focused game with tacked on multiplayer.

But it’s a pirate game and I’ll takes what I can get.