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Highlight Reel: June 27, 2014

Today's gaming highlights: New world record speedruns, defusing bombs right under terrorist noses, and more!



BananasaurusRex gets a new world record in 1001 Spikes, coming in at 17:31.91

Yesterday we posted about this Super Mario Bros speedrun. It tops the old world record time by about a second with help from a Bullet Bill glitch to avoid having Mario walk to the castle at the end of the level.


Battlefield 4

Geefy (via Atlas) posted this video of a perfect flanking maneuver, where he sneaks around behind the enemy team and wipes every soldier in sight.

Are you tired of getting your armored vehicles stuck on level geometry? Well just dislodge them with this one weird trick:

Counter Strike: GO

PurpleEnzo uploaded a couple of "ninja defuses" he did, sneaking around enemy players. The best is the second one, where he's the last remaining player on the Counter-Terrorist team runs right through the group of enemies. They're so confused that they don't even realize he's an enemy until after he's defused the bomb.

Mario Kart 8

It sucks when you get hit with two shells at the same time. This, however, is much worse:

Highlight Reel is Kotaku's regular roundup of great plays, stunts and records from around the gaming world. If you see or record an amazing feat, let us know at

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sǝuןq ɥɔsʇıʞ

I'd be done with Mario Kart for forevers if that happened to me. DONE!