Highlight Reel: June 25, 2014

Today's gaming highlights: A Saving Private Ryan-style helicopter kill, a League of Legends pentakill, a tragic shot to the toe, and more!


Battlefield 4

First up, TheMooclear was trying to take down a helicopter with his last stinger missile. When that didn't work, he turned to his pistol:

Next in "how to take down vehicles without the proper equipment", kockaspiton was out of C4, so he just got in front of this APC while holding his detonator and bluffed:


League Of Legends

At a French LAN event, a team of LoL streamers were losing, when Skyyart killed the entire enemy team. Even if you can't follow what's happening, it's worth it for their reactions:

EclypsiaFamily has the full match in better quality, but without translations. Skyyart's team was losing this match, having already lost their middle lane, so after he gets the pentakill, the enemy team's minions are pouring into their base (at bottom left on the minimap), but they can't be bothered to worry about it while cheering.

Mario Kart 8

We posted this moment yesterday, but it's too good not to be included. Thomas Puttick has not only incredible timing to escape this blue shell, but the soundtrack to go with it:

Call of Duty: Ghosts

And we'll leave you with a funny moment between two Call of Duty: Ghosts players:

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I'm still waiting on MLG to release the vod's of the Scarlett vs DonRaeGu games from this weekend, so that way I can share them with the world.