Today's gaming highlights: The biggest prize in esports history, an amazing escape in Dota 2, and a very good reason to always watch your back in a warzone.


Dota 2

The International, this year's Dota 2 tournament, just finished today with the winning team getting over $5 million. You can check out the final moments of the match below, or watch the entire thing on Twitch.

Earlier in the tournament, DotaCinema caught this incredible moment between Team DK's Mushi against three players on Evil Geniuses. Mushi is caught 3-on-1 and it doesn't look like there's any way to escape alive, but he just barely manages to get away:

Battlefield 4

Russkhof was playing with the remote-controlled MAV, which lets you fly a little robot death machine around to kill players or blow up explosives safely. When he was killed by an enemy MAV, he went looking for the operator, who isn't able to see what's happening around them while controlling the drone. See, the MAV can also push players, leading to situations like this:

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