High Voltage: The Conduit Different From Other Core Sega Wii Titles

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High Voltage chief creative officer Eric Nofsinger explains why The Conduit won't suffer the same poor sales as Sega's other core Wii titles, MadWorld and The House of the Dead: Overkill.


Both MadWorld and The House of the Dead received praise from game reviewers, but the sales for both titles we rather abysmal, especially when considering the Wii's massive install base. Speaking to VideoGamer.com, Nofsinger explains why High Voltage isn't concerned about suffering the same fate with The Conduit.

"This is something that gets brought up quite a lot," he said, "but we're not concerned at all. Those games, and you can point to a few others as well… I think they're great games, but they're mature games. I think there's a nomenclature that you need to be certain on. Those games are gory and they are aesthetically niche. They're boutique games. They're great games and I love them, however I know that they're not accessible and they're not the kind of titles that are going to tap into both core and mainstream [audiences].


But what does Nofsinger mean by core and accessible?

"When I say that we're core, I mean that we have a level of detail and depth and customisation and variety that core gamers demand. When I say that we're accessible and that we're also aiming for the mainstream, that is why we specifically chose the art style we did, and the setting. The theme is very much in the mindset of going for that Hollywood blockbuster feel.

If you ask me, the main difference lies in the ratings, at least in North America. There's a world of difference between a T-rating and an M-rating, especially on the Wii.

High Voltage: Conduit won't suffer MadWorld sales fate [VideoGamer.com]

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