High Voltage: New Wii Exclusives Can Handle ... Tens of On-Screen Enemies

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High Voltage, the studio behind the (latest) bacon-saver for Wii core gamers, The Conduit, says his house will show off two more Wii exclusives at E3, capable of five dozen onscreen foes, minimum.


HV exec Eric Nofsinger says they'll be showing "two big ones" at E3 - no, not that - both of them FPSes like The Conduit. In an interview with the French site Nintendo Master, he said High Voltage is looking "to do some things that are very, very rare, even on the 360 or PS3."

Some of the things we're doing with sheer number of enemies onscreen and things like that are very impressive. We've got a demo that we'll be showing, where the average number of enemies on the screen at a given time is 65. And it goes up. There's areas where you go onto a vista and there's an incredible number of enemies.


I'm not sure that 65 on-screen enemies, on average, is all that "rare" for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, which can handle multiple hundreds. Hell, MAG is gonna do 256 of them in multiplayer. But Nofsinger almost certainly is being mindful of the disappointment in Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop's comparatively sparse zombie horde.

Conduit Dev revealing Two Wii Games at E3 [GameSpot via Cubed3]

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