A 15 year-old student ended up in police custody after allegedly writing threats on Twitter, directed at Love Live! anime fans.

According to Sankei News, this past July, the student allegedly wrote, “With this hand, I will kill all fans nationwide, leaving none behind.” Sankei added that the student also supposedly uploaded a photo of a butcher knife in his hand. Via 2ch, you can see said Tweet below:

Because of these alleged tweets, the Love Live! production company had to strengthen security at events. The 15-year-old, who is a high school freshman in Toyama City, was picked up for forcible obstruction of business.

Police tell Sankei News that the student has confessed, saying, “I also like anime, but I hated the awful manners of other fans.”

Hardcore Love Live! fans are noted for their colorful outfits and wicked dance moves.


Top image: ASCII Media Works

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