High Ranking Japanese Politician Comments on PSN Breach

The PSN breach is national news in Japan, where Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano, one of the government's highest ranking officials, has chimed in about leaked player info.

"As for the prevailing view, it's necessary for private businesses must safeguard the personal information they have with the maximum care possible," said Edano. This information is highly sensitive and should be treated as such! A much more diplomatic response than that of a hopping mad U.S. senator.


The PSN breach has resulted in the personal information of over 70 million PSN users.

In March as Japan was rocked by natural disasters, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano was a regular on television, briefing the nation on the latest Fukushima developments. The internet dubbed Edano the "Jack Bauer" of the crisis, reported The Telegraph.


官房長官、ソニーの個人情報流出「最大限の対応を」 [Nikkei]

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