High Ranked Overwatch Player Cheats On Stream, Gets Banned Mid-Match

Got a sweet Overwatch strat for you today: never cheat.

In this video posted by KiD x, a top-200 ranked Korean Overwatch player streams with an aimbot, a type of hack that essentially aims for you. It does not end well.

They don’t even try to hide their bot’s lifeless mechanical maneuvering, and then, at about three minutes into the video, they suddenly get kicked back to the sign-in screen. Game over. Permanently.


There’s a lot to unpack here. For one, how can somebody be that bad with Widowmaker while blatantly aimbotting? For two, how did this person, high-leveled as they were, not get caught sooner, especially in light of Blizzard’s harsh anti-cheating policies? Maybe they only recently sold their soul to the aimbot devil?

At the moment, we’ve got more questions than answers. There is, however, one simple solution to all of this that I will bequeath unto you right here, right now, on this righteous summer day, because I care: never cheat. It really is that easy!

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