If you've played the Metal Gear Solid franchise, you probably have a few favorite characters. Guess what, Hideo Kojima does too.


Some of his picks—like Snake and Otacon—are to be expected. Others, like Raven, Psycho Mantis and The End are a bit more surprising. If you watch this video by IGN, you can hear the rationale behind these five* picks. It's fascinating to hear about—did you know, for example, that Kojima is always trying to one-up Psycho Mantis? That's just how good the character is.

It's also curious to note that most of the characters seem to be picks from either the first Metal Gear Solid, with just a couple from Metal Gear Solid 3.


*Yes, there are technically six characters in here. I think he's either not counting Snake, as it's the obvious pick, or The Sorrow, because...ghosts? Not sure!

Hideo Kojima's Top 5 Metal Gear characters [IGN]

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