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New York’s hottest club is Death Stranding. It has everything: bridges, fjords, invisible babies, and Geoff Keighley.


While he’s actually voiced by Matthew Mercer, longtime Kojima stan Geoff Keighley has a cameo as a “prepper” in the upcoming game Death Stranding, which comes out November 8 on PlayStation 4. Kojima said that Keighley is easily found in the game and that there will be other cameos. He’s playing a character called “Ludens Fan,” which is a riff on Kojima Productions’ mascot, Ludens.

In 2015, Keighley told audiences at the Game Awards that a lawyer from Konami had barred Kojima from attending the awards show. Since then, Keighley’s fandom for Kojima has only grown stronger.


Somehow I knew that Keighley’s persistent and vocal love for Kojima would end up with him in this game, whose cast apparently includes a who’s who of the Hideo Kojima fan club. I just wanna see him do that little cheer again.

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