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Hideo Kojima Might Work on the Metal Gear Movie Script [Update]

Illustration for article titled Hideo Kojima Might Work on the emMetal Gear/em Movie Script [Update]

In late August, a new Metal Gear Solid movie was announced. This wasn't the first Metal Gear project Hollywood had seen: back in 2008, there was another MGS film that never got off the ground.


Some fans are probably happy about the possibility of seeing Metal Gear Solid on the big screen. Others are not. Then, there's Hideo Kojima, who's closer to Metal Gear than anyone else can imagine.


At today's Metal Gear stage event in Tokyo, Hideo Kojima was on hand to talk about all things Metal Gear. During the event, the announcer that a Metal Gear movie is something a lot of fans have been hoping for.

To which Kojima replied, "Me, I didn't ask for it." Kotaku did attend the stage event, and it was hard to tell if Kojima was joking, when he said this. (He probably was.)

Kojima, a huge film buff, went on to say how Metal Gear Solid works as a game. Even with all those long cutscenes, Metal Gear Solid is a video game first and foremost. "I want to make a movie, but Metal Gear Solid is a game," Kojima said. "It was created as a game."

However, Kojima did say he was interested in seeing how Hollywood could turn Metal Gear Solid into a motion picture. He added that he does not have the final word on the picture. Though, according to Famitsu, he did mention he is mulling over the idea of working on the script and tossed out the notion that the movie will be called Metal Gear Solid.


The movie's producer, Ari Avad, told Kojima that he loved the name "Project Ogre", which is a code name for a project Kojima is developing. However, at today's event, Kojima said flat out that the movie is "not" Project Ogre and that Project Ogre is somethings else. (My guess is that it's Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroesbut don't ask Kojima!)


As for possible filmmakers, Metal Gear voice actress Yumi Kikuchi, who was also appearing on stage, did mention Shinya Tsukamoto as a good director for the project. Tsukamoto is famous for the cult hit Tetsuo: The Iron Man. She joked, "So I guess the title would be Snake Man?"

During the talk, it seemed that Kojima expressed interest in filmmaking, but also stressed how he was interested in seeing what Hollywood could do to the games he not only created, but made world famous.


Update: The original article also quoted Famitsu's coverage of the event, which quoted Kojima as saying he was "thinking about" doing the script. Kojima is now saying he didn't say that!

(Top photo: Toshi Nakamura | Kotaku)

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I can't be the only one who considers the MGS franchise to be overrated, right? I mean, they are well made games but they are just so boring.