Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has made no secret of his interesting in pursuing a more Western-style game development model, but hasn't made clear what his intentions are beyond Metal Gear Solid Touch.

Kojima tells Kikizo in a newly published interview that the Kojima Productions head, who was also recently promoted is "very interested" in collaborating with developers outside of Konami and outside of Japan on future games. And he wouldn't exercise the tyrannical control over each and every aspect some Japanese directors are known for.

"There are many development companies outside of Japan working with Konami, and I believe that they're all special in some way; they have their unique points," Kojima says "and if we were to team up with them I wouldn't dictate to them — 'you should do things this way, use this color, change this..." — I'd have to really try to help them do what they do best as production studios."

But Kojima indicates that he has no plans to go "retro" a la Capcom's Mega Man 9 or Konami's own Gradius Rebirth with the Metal Gear series. But if someone else wanted to tackle it...

"What you expect in a Metal Gear is probably only possible by Kojima Productions," he says. "I don't know if other Konami studios could really achieve a satisfactory result for the user. But if I get an offer from an overseas company saying they really want to do it, that could be an option."


Wonder if Silicon Knights is available...

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