Hideo Kojima Announces An Announcement

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*tap* *tap* *tap* Is this thing on? Because game designer Hideo Kojima has something to announce.


First and foremost, Kojima is best known for creating stealth series Metal Gear Solid. That doesn't mean you should pigeonhole him as an action guy. In a GDC interview, he states:

Well, to give you maybe a surprise, people might think I love action games and I love shoot 'em ups and I kill people all the time, but that's not it. I really like other [genre like] romance... I do, of course, like the comedy... Of course, there is no comedy genre right now, and I'm always wondering how I should re-present this — which I don't have a specific idea yet, but I'm always thinking about that as a new genre.

Whew, got that cleared up. Okay, now on to the announcement. At the end of the interview, Hideo Kojima announces that he will be making an announcement at E3. That's right, he announced an announcement. This really caught us off guard, and we wish he would've given us a heads up — you know, announced that he was going to announce that he will be making an announcement.

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Yeah MGS4 on 360. What else could it be?

If this does happen. This will be the final blow for PS3. It'll be like stabbing Sony in the heart. PS3 will instantly become a failure if this announcement happens. That's how I see it and Sony should start looking towards the future to the PS4.