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Earlier this summer, Hideaki Anno apologized to Evangelion fans, saying he was sorry to keep them waiting. Now he says he’s working hard on Eva.

The hold up has been Godzilla Resurgence, which Anno helmed. The movie has been a smash hit in Japan, and as Yahoo! Japan reports, when he was asked whether or not he would be doing a sequel, he replied, “That’s not something I decide. Ask Toho.” He then added, “I’ve had enough.”

According to Eiga.com, Anno also said, “It’d be more interesting if they changed directors. Toho wouldn’t let me do it anyway, because it was so hard.”

Since the movie has done so well in Japan, I’d be surprised if he never did another one. Eventually, I could see him returning to the series.

When asked about Evangelion: 3.0+1.0, the fourth and last entry in the Rebuild of Evangelion series, Anno replied, “I’ll work hard [on it]. I mean, I’m already working hard [on it].”


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