Hide Your Valuables, It's A RPG Hero

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Why do epic quests to save the world always have to begin with someone breaking into your house and rifling through your valuables?

For the record, I would like to state that my apartment doesn't contain any magical items, potions, rare treasures, weapons, armor, or mystical herbs. Well, to be honest, I do have a few prop weapons and some cilantro, but that's hardly enough to justify busting down my door and breaking all my clay pots.

Isn't it?

Note the lovely music from chiptune artists Anamanaguchi in the video. They'll be in concert at PAX East this weekend to show everyone why college humor went to them for 8-bit tunes.


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I remember how, the first time I played Morrowind, I was about to walk out of the tutorial building when I noticed a lantern on the wall. "How thoughtful!" I thought to myself as I went to pick it up. Then a guard ran at me (thankfully, all he did was confiscate the lantern), leaving me totally confused. "I can't just take people's things in this game?"

What's funny is that even though Mass Effect lets the player get away with doing stuff like this, there were a few situations (such as with the struggling colony on Feros) where I felt so guilty about the idea of essentially robbing people who were already desperately in need of help, that I usually couldn't bring myself to do it.