Hidden Xbox Games You Need To Know About

I play a lot of games, but I need to play more. Thankfully, Kotaku reader Kobun is covering one of my blind spots, Xbox Indie Games. Thanks to Kobun, I know about a milking game and the possible $1 RPGOTY.


Kobun starts a review of Ninja Chop with this:

I suspect Microsoft would have prevented the obvious name, Tits & Milk, from passing. Ninja Chop features a busty girl slicing through milk. The milk explodes, leaving her looking as if he was just paid handsomely to entertain a group of Japanese business men.

Really? Apparently the game is bad. Shocker, but still interesting to know it exists.

And Kobun's convincingly glowing Breath of Death VII review includes this delightful detail:

The third and final point is the one which means the most to me: Breath of Death VII fixes random battles. How? They're limited. You go in a dungeon, and you are told that there are a dozen or so encounters. Once you beat them all, that's it, no more random battles. This is brilliant and effectively fixes two major complaints all RPGs suffer through: random battles getting in the way of immersing the player in the plot and making the player fight more creatures (re: grinding) than needed because of the unknown dangers which lay ahead.

Could Breath of Death VII, for a mere 80 Microsoft points, really be the role-playing game of the year?

These are just two of the many Xbox Live Indie Games that Kobun is writing about. They make me feel all the more negligent of the work being done for that channel. At least I won't be negligent of Kobun's write-ups. Keep an eye on Kotaku's Xbox Indies page, curated with care. Great job, Kobun!



This was a nice surprise. Thanks. :^) Hoping this gives some deserving games a look they'd otherwise not receive, particularly in regards to Protect Me Knight. Ancient even redid the cover so that English users have an easier time locating it. It's highly rated but hasn't gotten the downloads and purchases it deserves.