Hey, You Got Stephen Fry In My Fable 2

Admission: I liked Fable 1. Being a longtime Molyneux fan, I knew to filter out the bullshit, and just enjoy it for what it was. And it was an above-average RPG, one of the best to appear on the Xbox. It was far from perfect, however. The linearity was a problem. As was the voice-acting. Which was provided, it seemed, exclusively by representatives of the Cornish dairy farmers association. Thankfully, that's a part of the sequel that's been improved, with the voice acting "kicked up a couple of notches", according to a report in the latest OXM. Partly due to the shift away from the rural setting of the first game, but also partly due to the fact they're now hiring proper talent, like charming British comedian Stephen Fry. Even if he's still just doing "oooyy, errr Ranger", at least now it'll be done with some dignity.

Exclusive: New Fable 2 details revealed! [OXM] [Pic]


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