Three security guards at the ominous-sounding National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, have been suspended without pay after it was found they'd brought portable gaming systems to work.

The complex is responsible for building, repairing and disassembling components for nuclear warheads, so yes, it's a high securty, important place. And as such, it's got serious restrictions on bringing in stuff that can in any way store or transmit information. After all, you never can tell where spies are lurking!

One of the employees has been busted for bringing in a PSP, which because of its wi-fi capabilities violates that rule. And even if it didn't have wi-fi, they'd still have been busted, because under another of the facility's rules, video games are prohibited at the workplace. Which is why the other two guards have been suspended; they were found to be in possession of other, unnamed consoles that while not capable of transmitting data, still violated workplace regulations.

So, security guards at high security military complexes: next time you're bored, just bring a newspaper and do the crosswords, ok?

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