Hey, Tribes 2 Is Back!

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Turn those frowns upside down, Tribes 2 fans. While the game may be officially six feet under, a group of dedicated fans have brought Tribes 2 back to life, online multiplayer and all.

The project is called TribesNext, and you can download and try out a beta version of the game now. The legality of the whole thing is a little suspect, but hey, it's not like Sierra are around to give two shits about it anymore.



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Komrade Kayce

Whelp, off to grab one of the greatest games ever (remade and in beta) before the Sierra legal dogs shut this down.

It saddens me why all these great ideas always get the kaibosh when done for non profit. Nobody runs out to shut down the millions of Square fanfics out there. But a Chrono Trigger fan remake? BAD.