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Every year, Sega holds a cattle call to select a handful of women to appear in its latest Yakuza game. This year, there's a porn star in the running—not a Sega first. The women typically play hostesses players can chat up in night clubs. But, Sega, why not pick the number one hostess for your next game? The number one hostess in all of Japan.

The "KyabaRaku Award" event was held earlier this month in Tokyo and selected the "number one" hostess in Japan. The winner, 23 year-old Rin Aoi, was selected from 300 hostesses who applied from across Japan. Aoi was selected based on her inner and outer beauty. Her prize earned her a trophy and a check for over US$10,000.


So, Sega, what do you say? Here's the number one hostess in all of Japan, wearing blue, and she's not in your game!

究極の"胸盛りテク"を伝授、全国300名超から選ばれたNo.1キャバ嬢 モデルプレスインタビュー [Model Press]