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Hey, Scribblenauts Did OK

While Scribblenauts ultimately failed to live up to many people's (perhaps unfairly lofty) expectations, it was still an admirable piece of work. So it's nice to see that it's punched well above its weight in terms of sales.

The NPD Group has quietly released statistics on the five best-selling Nintendo DS games of 2009, and while the list is dominated by Nintendo titles (including some which are four and nearly five years old), there's one exception: Scribblenauts, which was the fifth best-selling DS game of 2009. Ahead of all kinds of games you would have expected to place higher.

So well done, Scribblenauts. May dinosaurs battle zombies over a watermelon in your honour for the rest of the week. Though it makes you wonder about the potential for individual DS titles that aren't published by Nintendo; with Scribblenauts having sold "only" one million copies worldwide, its US sales aren't as high as you'd think for such an established platform.

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