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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment proudly announces today that 5th Cell's word-based wonder, Scribblenauts, has sold more than one million units worldwide. That's more copies than you can shake a fig leaf gourd at!


Scribblenauts, 5th Cell's innovative DS title that has players solve problems using written words, is not your average million-selling title. It's innovative. It makes you think. It's not the sort of title gamers generally flock to in droves. Still, it deserved the attention, and it's good to a DS game that's not a sequel and doesn't feature licensed characters make it big, especially without a huge marketing campaign. It sparked the imagination of the gaming press as well as the gaming public, and that spark set sales on fire.

"We are extremely pleased with the sales of Scribblenauts and credit the game's innovation and wide appeal in making it a hit with gamers of all skill levels," said Martin Tremblay, President, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. "Scribblenauts is one of our strong original brands, and we look forward to bringing consumers more quality gaming experiences as part of our portfolio game strategy."


That's great, Martin! We'll just sit here patiently until you announce Scribblenauts 2.

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